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Welcome to Diamond King Educational Consultancy.

Diamond King Educational Consultancy is a registered company [ BN 3396682] established to support high school and university graduates to study abroad.
Here we furnish our students with sufficient information about studying abroad, which may include what to expect, learning about the culture, and how to undergo the transition with ease. We handle the process of institution and visa application.
Nigerians are known to value quality education and as such love,exploring options that are available.

Vision and Mission

Our main vision and mission is to be a cutting edge education service providers in Nigeria and the world at large.

To make this materialise we:

Actively engage in awareness creation and information dissemination on Educational opportunities all over the world

We support Nigerian youths to achieve their dream of studying abroad

Organise educational seminars annually to educate students and parents needing specific information.

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Client Testimonial

Miriam Nwaigwe

The opportunity to experience student life in  a different setting is one of the  fascinating things about studying  abroad for me. 
Diamond King  Educational Consultancy were the agency that supported me achieve this dream. They are trustworthy, very helpful and reliable at every stage of my application. They made the whole process smooth and easy, showing compassion as they would if it was theirs. Their staff are amazing and always ready to help at every point.   I would wholly recommend Diamond King Educational Consultancy to everyone I care about. Diamond King Educational Consultancy made my  dream come true

Mrs Ejike Okeke

Moving to UK to study is one’s dream and I am happy my dream came to reality. The Diamond King Educational Consultancy became the agency that helped me achieved my dream. They are dependable, ethical, very helpful, principled and honest at all the steps of my School application, TB test and Visa application. They made the whole process simple and user-friendly, showing help as they would if it was theirs. They have fascinating staff and they are always ready to help at every point.They even followed up with me till I arrived in the UK. Sure I would personally recommend Diamond King Educational Consultancy to everyone I care about because they made my dream come to reality. I give them five stars.

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